Draagbare 4-Track Digital Recorder

  • Tot 96 kHz 24-bit WAV / BWF of MP3 opname

  • Ingebouwde condensator microfoons

  • X/Y of A/B oriëntatiemogelijk

  • 2x XLR / 6,3 mm mic / line ingangen met fantoomvoeding

  • Externe bronnen en ingebouwde microfoons kunnen gelijktijdig worden opgenomen (4-sporen)

  • Dual Recording neemt het signaal tot 2 keer op (normaal en laag niveau)

  • Overdub modus kan de re-opname van een passage maken

  • Piek reductie stelt automatisch het optimale inputniveau bij

  • Tot 15 uur batterijduur

  • 2 seconden pre-record-opslag

  • Instelbare afspeelsnelheid 50-150% (toonhoogte blijft ongewijzigd)

  • Instelbare limiter en low-cut filter (40/80/120 Hz)

  • ingebouwde luidspreker en tuner

  • Hoofdtelefoon / lijnuitgang

  • ingebouwde EQ (afspelen) en Stereo Reverb effect

  • Schroefdraad aansluiting voor statief (1/4 ")

  • Opslagmedium: SD / SDHC-kaart (momenteel tot 32GB capaciteit van de geheugenkaart)

  • Neutrik connectors

  • Gevoed via 3x AA batterijen (optioneel)

  • Aansluiting voor thomann voeding (optioneel PS-P520E) of voor externe battery-pack (optioneel BP-6AA) of USB-bus

  • Afmetingen: 70 x 155 x 35 mm

  • Gewicht: 213 g

  • Inclusief USB 2.0-kabel, 2 GB geheugenkaart






Press the RECORD [


] button to switch to recording

standby. The indicator will flash.

RECORD button/indicator


If the


icon appears in the upper right of the Home

Screen, the adjustment for the angle and the left-right

channels of the microphone do not suit the recording setting.

Change the settings. (See “Using the built-in microphone” on

page 41.)


Use the INPUT LEVEL + or – button on the left side

panel to adjust the input level. See “Adjusting the input

level” on page 49 for details.


Press the RECORD [


] button to start recording. The

indicator will light during recording.


Press the

(HOME) [


] button to finish recording.


To pause recording, press the





button. Press the





button again to restart recording in the same



Press the PLAY [


] button for playback. If you use a

headphone or amplifier/speaker set, connect it to the

/LINE OUT socket on the left side panel.

For playback over the built-in speaker, enable it on

the speaker settings screen (See “Using the built-in

speaker” on page 40.)

Powered monitor speakers or

amplifer and speakers



Use the + or – button to control the playback volume.


Press the

(HOME) [


] button to stop playback.


If you have made several recordings, use the




button to select the file to play when playing back or stopped

and the Home Screen is displayed.





Thank you very much for purchasing the TASCAM DR-40 Linear

PCM Recorder. Please read this Owner’s Manual carefully in

order to maximize your use of all the unit’s features. We hope

that you will enjoy using this recorder for many years to come.

After you have finished reading this manual, please keep it in

a safe place for future reference.

You can also download the Owner’s Manual from the TASCAM

web site (http://tascam.com/).


Compact audio recorder that uses SD/SDHC cards as

recording media

High-performance directional stereo mics can be adjusted,

enabling both A-B and X-Y recording

Can record with different types of stereo sound depending

on the angle of the microphones

Close: Clear Stereo Sound with less phase difference

Open: Wide Stereo Sound

Mid-side decoding function can be used with MS mics

Recording of up to four channels simultaneously possible

44.1/48/96 kHz, 16/24-bit, linear PCM (WAV format)

recording possible

Compatible with BWF format

32–320 kbps MP3 format recording possible (compatible

with ID3 tag v2.4)

Dual recording allows two files to be recorded

simultaneously at different levels

Overdubbing in mix mode allows the playback signal and

the input signal to be mixed and recorded as a new file

Overdubbing in separate mode allows the playback signal

and the input signal to be mixed and recorded as a new file,

while saving the original file

Built-in 0.3 W monaural monitor speaker

Built-in effect (reverb) can be used during recording and


Auto-record function starts recording automatically when a

set sound input level is detected

Can start recording a new file automatically when a

maximum file size set in advance is reached without

interrupting recording

A QUICK button is available for easy access to various


Track incrementing function allows a recording to be split

by creating a new file when desired

Pre-recording (PRE REC) function allows the unit to record

the 2 seconds of sound before recording is activated

Peak reduction function is available to reduce the level

automatically in case of excessively large input.



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