The Invisible

Like a cruel world is changing
no longer listens to the silence

of his lucid dream

he walks through the streets
lonely in his underpants.

The Invisible
with his heavy tools

on the way to the end of the world.

There is a lot of work to do
in the gardens of the rich!

Lots of wild flowers waiting
on his tender love.

He can now choose
to live with his breath of life.

© mobar.
#2 Mobar V. 16-10-2021 20:13
Famous worker

You appeared in the night
to harvest potatoes
around the heart of my belly country

dreamed a life:
along the coastline, blue houses, clear skies

saw the foaming of the waves
sand that was blowing, children playing
kites adrift, soaring seagulls

dreamed the dunes, the sun and boats
full of breath in life, longed for vacation
never over

dreamed a life:
on the coast under clear blue sky

but there was no sea next to no man's land
there was no horizon beyond the rivers

the village was on the coast of my dreams
ingenious farm worker, attentive workman
the coast was the village of my dreams

famous worker, the landscape
originated around your feet.

© mobar
#1 Mobar V 16-10-2021 13:22
Homesick hills


That's where the homesick hills lie
in the lost land beyond the horizon

where as children we played bravely
it would be nice if that could still be done
crows on molehills
bare buttocks on paper
butterflies above mirror waves
dancing mosquitoes between the reeds

there lie the hills of homesickness
a new future ahead.

© mobar.
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