Summer dreams and fried eggs
You live in my dream like a child that plays in the playroom of a castle behavior that arises in my childhood clumsy and silence flowers no butterflies in my stomach nor do I lay eggs in the silent night water guns and fresh fruit jelly surround your innocence with my smile soon the night approaches with fried eggs at the painting of the hunter and the dove we travel to a new river together to capture our dreams with naivety.













© Hector Havermout





#2 Hector 16-10-2021 20:04
ventriloquist dummy

Prose for kitties
the garbage can is hungry
poets left superfluous

with you beyond the horizon
life takes place in a dream
the bed located in a swampland

soggy is the wild life
dancing pussies open the ball
while I merrily continued.

© Hector Havermout
#1 Hector 16-10-2021 19:59
blue night

I hear your sweet voice

in the breath of the blue night

while you enjoy love tight

with your trained body language

deeper into a mysterious story

caressing about self-willed sentences

averse to having to or commanding

soft with intensity of a kiss

every time we do it again

by failing, repeating it over and over

of the senseless stuttering of then

the blue night silenced us in silence

nowhere to get a drop.

© Hector Havermout
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