Love Poem

Tonight he lies in my wildest landscape
big feet up to raised dikes
his beautiful head with her wild bushes

his underpants a meter down
tough legs slim to turbulent sea
and in my mind his will is undaunted

fierce his animal look but still meek
I have poured his wine into my beaker
tonight he came to my quiet bed

to caress me softly in my calm dreams
he stays with me he decided last night
under the moonlight I see his face.



© Hector Havermout



#1 Mobar V. 16-10-2021 21:07

Pretty girl with the frivolous free violin
sensitive strings voice late night

musically born as in real truths
clear thoughts go with the dream

fragile flowers on the warm earth
she wanders past washed-up sadness.

We are our moods
luminous galaxies

deep dreams in the old town.

Pretty girl with the frivolous free violin

she plays the vibrating strings
like a flower in the dark night

vulnerable, but with inner strength.

© mobar.
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